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[CNBC] Bulk carrier ship Glory grounded in Suez Canal, says shipping agency

26 days

Recommended experts:

Christopher Tang PhD MPhil MA

Distinguished Professor at UCLA

Nick Vyas MBA EdD

Associate Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations at USC Marshall School of Business

Yemisi Bolumole PhD MA MSc

Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN

James Stock

Distinguished Professor at University of San Francisco in San Francisco, CA

Karen Donohue PhD MS

Supply Chain and Operations Professor at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN

David Sacco

Professor, Department of Finance at University of New Haven

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[WAPO] Racist tweets quickly surfaced after Musk closed Twitter deal

3 months

Recommended experts:

Stephanie Edgerly PhD MA

Associate professor, journalism & integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University

Christopher Bail PhD

Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Philip Napoli PhD MS

Professor of Public Policy at Duke University

Taylor Carlson PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis

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[WAPO] New Florida records raise more questions about DeSantis’s migrant flights

4 months

Recommended experts:

Muzaffar Chishti

Senior Fellow & Director, MPI office at NYU School of Law at Migration Policy Institute

Dana Leigh Marks

President Emerita at The National Association of Immigration Judges in San Francisco, CA

Ali Valenzuela

Assistant Professor, Department of Politics at Princeton University

Fae Sowders JD

Ambassador at American Immigration Council

Nayan Shah

Professor American Studies and Ethnicity at USC Dornsife College

Karen Lucas

Immigration Justice Campaign Director at American Immigration Council

Dr. Tracy A Pearson JD

Legal Analyst, Accountability/Investigations Consultant, and Television Host in Los Angeles, CA

Lacy Panyard JD

Ambassador at American Immigration Council

Hector Villagra

Board of Directors at California Immigrant Policy Center

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Ann Richmond Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmacology at  Vanderbuilt University, School of Medicine Nashville, TN • United States English

Dr. Richmond's work tries to answer “What is the role of the inflammatory response in tumor progression”.

breast cancer
drug resistance
signal transduction
vascular biology
inflammatory response