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[The Hill] Four million Pakistani children imperiled by flood waters, months after monsoons: UNICEF

18 days

Recommended experts:

Om Prakash Agarwal

CEO, WRI India at World Resources Institute

Peter Frumhoff PhD

Environmental Science and Public Policy Lecturer, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Sherman Gillums Jr.

Director, Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, FEMA at Mozaic Media + Communications

Alam Payind PhD MA MSc

(Ret.) Director of the Middle East Studies Center at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

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[CNN] CNN Polls show Democrats are ahead in races for governor in Michigan and Pennsylvania, with no clear leader in Wisconsin

3 months

Recommended experts:

Hannah Hartig

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

Andrew Mercer

Senior Research Methodologist at Pew Research Center

Jocelyn Kiley

Associate Director of Research at Pew Research Center

Courtney Kennedy PhD

Vice President of Methods and Innovation at Pew Research Center

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[The Guardian] World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, warn major studies

3 months

Recommended experts:

Paula García MA

Senior Bilingual Energy Analyst at Union of Concerned Scientists

Michael Mascia PhD

Senior Vice President of the Moore Center for Science at Conservation International

Bambi Semroc

Vice President of Sustainable Lands & Water at Conservation International

Joseph Aldy

Faculty Affiliate, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements at Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

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Aseema Sinha PhD
Chair of South Asian Politics at  Claremont McKenna College Claremont, CA • United States English

Dr. Sinha studies the political economy of India, India-China comparisons, International Organizations, and the rise of India as an emerging power. She is also an author of book/articles on India.

asia trade globalization india south asia politics in india developing countries developing economies fair trade india pollution emerging economies india-china politics of india economy of india