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[LA Times] Think food inflation is bad now? Wait till Kroger and Albertsons merge

4 months

Recommended experts:

Linda Simpson PhD

Professor at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL

Arturo Porzecanski

Research Fellow at American University in New York City /NY

Ravi Dhar PhD

Professor of Management and Marketing at Yale University in New Haven, CT

Simona Mocuta

Chief Economist at State Street Global Advisors in Burlington, MA

Tara Sinclair PhD MA

Professor of Economics & International Affairs, George Washington University in Washington, DC

Joanna Poznanska PhD

Professor of International Business, Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA

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[Google News] Mortgage bankers forecast rates to drop to 5.4% in 2023. Here's what that means for home prices.

4 months

Recommended experts:

Cindy Bennett

Associate Real Estate Broker, Maison Real Estate Boutique in Richmond, VA

Carol Galante

Professor of Affordable Housing and Urban Policy at UC Berkeley

Aswath Damodaran PhD MS MBA

Chair in Finance Education at NYU in New York, NY

Chris Watters

Chief Executive Officer at Watters International Realty, LLC at Divining Point

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[CBS News] Talent agency CAA drops Ye after antisemitic posts

4 months

Recommended experts:

Gelya Frank

Department of Anthropology at USC Dornsife College

Jonathan Zatlin PhD

Associate Professor of History, College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University

Becka A. Alper

Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center

Calvin Dark

Principal & Co-founder of RC Communications in Washington, DC

Barbara Engelking PhD

Founder and Director of the Polish Center for Holocaust Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, MZ

Ali Valenzuela

Assistant Professor, Department of Politics at Princeton University

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Kristy Archuleta Ph.D. LMFT
Member at  National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Athens, GA • United States English

Professor in Financial Planning at University of Georgia and an internationally recognized scholar & licensed therapist working in the field of financial therapy (money, couples, parenting).

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mental health
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