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[Politico] A crypto titan dumped millions into the midterms, then lost a fortune

3 months

Recommended experts:

Caitlin Long

Founder and CEO at Avanti Bank & Trust and Chairman of WyoHackathon in Cheyenne, WY

Peter Boockvar

Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group in Fairfield, NJ

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[AP] Emhoff: 'Epidemic of hate' exists in US, mustn't become norm

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Andrew Hall PhD

Professor of Political Science & Political Economy. at Stanford, Department of Political Science

Christopher Bail PhD

Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Kiana Cox PhD

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

Linda Burton PhD

Dean of Berkeley Social Welfare at UC Berkeley

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[The Guardian] Ukraine says 30% of its power plants destroyed in last eight days

3 months

Recommended experts:

Olena Lennon PhD

Political Science & International Relations Lecturer at University of New Haven

Olga Kamenchuk

Associate Research Professor, Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University

Eugene Rumer PhD MA

Director of Russia and Eurasia Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Matthew Schmidt PhD

Associate Professor, National Security Department at University of New Haven

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Thomas Barfield PhD MA
Professor of Anthropology at  Boston University Boston, MA • United States English

President of the American Institute for Afghanistan Studies since 2005. Dr. Barfield is also the author of multiple books on Afghanistan, including: Afghanistan: A cultural and political history.

afghanistan eurasia war in afghanistan taliban history of afghanistan nomads middle east history nomadic empires