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[The Guardian] France to require all large car parks to be covered by solar panels

3 months

Recommended experts:

Steve Clemmer

Director of Energy Research & Analysis at Union of Concerned Scientists

Joseph Aldy

Faculty Affiliate, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements at Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Jennifer Layke

Global Director, Energy at World Resources Institute

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[Politico] After Another Failed Vote, McCarthy’s Speaker Bid Is Starting to Look Pathetic

about 1 month

Recommended experts:

Alan Abramowitz

Professor at Emory University

Dean Lacy

Director, Program in Politics and Law at Dartmouth College

Ronald G. Shaiko

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences at Dartmouth College

Wendy J. Schiller

Chair of Political Science at Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Nicholas Carnes

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University

Steffen Schmidt PhD

Professor of Political Science, Iowa State University in Ames, IA

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[The Hill] US economy grew at 2.6 percent rate in third quarter

3 months

Recommended experts:

Arturo Porzecanski

Research Fellow at American University in New York City /NY

Adam Posen PhD

President at Peterson Institute for International Economics

Peter Henry

Vice-Chair, Member of NBER Board of Directors at National Bureau of Economic Research

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Fritz Benedict PhD MS
Astronomer at  McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX • United States English

Benedict is an expert in Astrometry, Extrasolar Planets, Hubble Space Telescope, Life on Other Planets & SIM-Planetquest Mission.

extrasolar planets
hubble space telescope
life on other planets
extragalactic astronomy
extraterrestrial activity
extraterrestrial beings
space astrometry
applications of computers to astronomy
solar system
solar eclipse
lunar eclipse
origins of life
big bang
space travel