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[ABC] Global survey: workplace violence, harassment is widespread

2 months

Recommended experts:

Dr. Tracy A Pearson JD

Legal Analyst, Accountability/Investigations Consultant, and Television Host in Los Angeles, CA

Fatima Goss Graves

President and CEO at National Women's Law Center

Emily Martin

Vice President for Education and Workplace Justice at National Women's Law Center

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[The Guardian] ‘Overweight’ neutron star defies a black hole theory, say astronomers

3 months

Recommended experts:

Shardha Jogee PhD MS

Astronomy at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

Karl Gebhardt PhD MS

Astronomy at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

John Kormendy PhD

Astronomer at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

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[The Guardian] Myanmar airstrike kills dozens at concert, says Kachin separatist group

4 months

Recommended experts:

Richard Boucher

Visiting Scholar in International and Public Affairs at Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Tun Myint PhD MA

Chair of Political Science at Carleton College

Sarah Bouchat

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University

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Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos
Battered Women's Shelter in Puerto Rico   San Juan • Puerto Rico Spanish, English

First battered women's shelter in Puerto Rico, opened in 1979. Since then, the shelter has been providing housing, counseling and support to tens of thousands of women victims of domestic violence.

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gender violence
domestic abuse
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child sexual abuse
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