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[FOX News] Army probes whether troops wrongly targeted in bonus scandal

3 months

Recommended experts:

Robert Sanders

Chair, National Security at University of New Haven

Jeffrey Treistman PhD

National Security Professor at University of New Haven

Col. David Smith Ret.

Distinguished Fellow with the South Asia Program at Stimson Center

James Giles

Nonresident Fellow with the 38 North program at Stimson Center

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[CNBC] Evaluating when and how this bear market may end

4 months

Recommended experts:

David Sacco

Professor, Department of Finance at University of New Haven

Peter Boockvar

Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group in Fairfield, NJ

Simona Mocuta

Chief Economist at State Street Global Advisors in Burlington, MA

Cassandra Kirby

Partner, COO, CCO & Private Wealth Advisor at Braun-Bostich & Associates, Inc.

Marc Flandreau PhD

Professor of Economic History at University of Pennsylvania

Amy Braun-Bostich

Founding Partner, CEO and Private Wealth Advisor at Braun-Bostich & Associates, Inc.

Anjali Jariwala CPA CFP

Member at National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Sunit Bhalla CFP

Member at National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Jeffrey Kamys

Chief Investment Officer in San Francisco, CA

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[NBC] In a historic first, LGBTQ Americans will be on the ballot in all 50 states

3 months

Recommended experts:

Louise Melling JD

Deputy Legal Director and Director of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Center for Liberty at American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Stacy Smith PhD

Associate Professor of Communication at USC Dornsife College

Timothy Patrick McCarthy PhD

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

Nancy Abudu JD

Interim Strategic Litigation Director at Southern Poverty Law Center

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Ruth DeFries
Member at  Earth Institute, Columbia University New York, NY • United States English

Co-Founding Dean, Columbia Climate School. She uses images from satellites to examine how the world’s demands for food & other resources are changing land use affecting the climate & biodiversity.

sustainable development
climate change
environmental sustainability
forest clearing
sustainable agriculture
global warming
sustainable farming
endangered species
endangered animals
land use