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[CNN] Lula da Silva to be sworn in as Brazil's president, amid fears of violence from Bolsonaro supporters | CNN

24 days

Recommended experts:

Michael Shifter

President, Inter-American Dialogue at Inter-American Dialogue

Richard Boucher

Visiting Scholar in International and Public Affairs at Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Policy Analyst in San José, SJ

Guadalupe Tunon

Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University

Danilo Contreras

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Wellesley College

Peter Hakim

President Emeritus & Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue at Inter-American Dialogue

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[BBC] Iran protests: Police fire on Mahsa Amini mourners - witnesses

3 months

Recommended experts:

Pippa Norris

Lecturer in Comparative Politics at Harvard Kennedy School

Summer Forester PhD MA

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Carleton College

Elizabeth Nugent

Assistant Professor at Yale University, Department of Political Science

Holly Dagres

Middle East Programs Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC

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[WAPO] Racist tweets quickly surfaced after Musk closed Twitter deal

3 months

Recommended experts:

Christopher Bail PhD

Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Stephanie Edgerly PhD MA

Associate professor, journalism & integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University

Philip Napoli PhD MS

Professor of Public Policy at Duke University

Taylor Carlson PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis

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Kate Goettel
Legal Director of Litigation at  American Immigration Council Washington, DC • United States English

She leads impact litigation focusing on unlawful detention, the laws surrounding immigrant youth, interior enforcement, and family separation.

immigration border patrol u.s.-mexico border border wall child migrants unaccompanied minors immigrants ice raids unlawful detention immigration detention centers immigrant youth family separation corecivic geo group immigrant detention immigration and customs enforcement