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[Reuters] Puerto Rican towns sue Big Oil under RICO alleging collusion on climate denial

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Paula García MA

Senior Bilingual Energy Analyst at Union of Concerned Scientists

Tracy Raczek

Principal TR Climate in New York, NY

Erich Pica

President at Friends of the Earth

Diana Dascalu-Joffe JD

Senior Attorney, Public Lands Program at Center for Biological Diversity

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[WAPO] Trump expected to announce presidential bid again amid GOP uncertainty

2 months

Recommended experts:

Darren Lilleker PhD

Political Science Professor at Bournemouth University in London, ENG

Wendy J. Schiller

Chair of Political Science at Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Terry Moe

Professor in Political Science, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, Department of Political Science

Calvin Dark

Principal & Co-founder of RC Communications in Washington, DC

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[The Guardian] ‘Russia kaput!’: Ukraine brigade eyes victory as enemy retreats from Kherson

3 months

Recommended experts:

Matthew Schmidt PhD

Associate Professor, National Security Department at University of New Haven

Olga Kamenchuk

Associate Research Professor, Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University

Rachel Rizzo MA

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council’s Europe Center in Washington, DC

Howard Stoffer PhD

Professor of International Affairs, National Security Department at University of New Haven

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Remington Gregg
Counsel for Civil Justice and Consumer Rights at  Public Citizen Washington, DC • United States English

He is an expert in areas of civil rights, civil justice, forced arbitration, a fair and accessible justice system, consumer rights, and product safety.

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