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[The Guardian] Universities to return to ‘pen and paper’ exams after students caught using AI to write essays

17 days

Recommended experts:

Emily Vogels PhD

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

V.S. Subrahmanian PhD MS MSc

Distinguished Professor in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society at Dartmouth College

Monica Anderson

Associate Director of Research at Pew Research Center

Tyrone Howard PhD

Professor of Education and Information Studies at UCLA

Saul Jimenez-Sandoval

President at California State University, Fresno

Sinan Kayhan Aral

Professor of Management, IT, Marketing and Data Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Kami Griffiths

Executive Director/Co-Founder at Community Tech Network in Austin, TX

Lee Rainie

Director of Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research Center

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[The Guardian] Israel will not cooperate with FBI inquiry into killing of Palestinian American journalist

2 months

Recommended experts:

Richard G. Jones

John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy; American Studies at University of Notre Dame

Asher Kaufman

John M. Regan, Jr. Director of the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies at University of Notre Dame

Ilan Goldenberg

Senior Fellow and Director, Middle East Security Program at Center for a New American Security

Nadya S. Hajj

Associate Professor of Peace & Justice Studies at Wellesley College

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[The Guardian] Ministers may face legal action over documents on Queen’s hidden wealth

4 months

Recommended experts:

Carolyn Harris PhD

Instructor in History at the University of Toronto in Toronto, ON

Arianne Chernock PhD

Associate Professor of History at Brown University

Vernon Bogdanor

Research Professor at the Centre for British Politics and Government at King's College London in London, ENG

Anna Whitelock

Professor of the History of Monarchy at the University of London in London, ENG

Sarah Richardson PhD

History Professor at the University of Warwick in Coventry, ENG

Philip Murphy PhD

Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London in London, ENG

Philip Williamson

Professor of History at Durham University England in Durham, ENG

Deborah Cohen PhD

Professor of History at Northwestern University

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Victoria Holt
Vice President at  Stimson Center Washington, DC • United States English

Her expertise focuses on international security & multilateral tools, including peace operations & conflict prevention, the United Nations & Security Council, protection of civilians & crisis regions.

peacebuilding international security peace united nations conflict areas war zones conflict resolution multilateral relations peacekeeping conflict prevention un security council civilians crisis regions