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[Reuters] Putin declares martial law in four unilaterally annexed regions of Ukraine

3 months

Recommended experts:

Jacob Poushter

Associate Director of Global Attitudes Research at Pew Research Center

Yascha Mounk

Associate Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University

Nathaniel Reynolds MA

Nonresident scholar in the Russia and Eurasia Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Matthew Schmidt PhD

Associate Professor, National Security Department at University of New Haven

Sarah Mendelson

Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Head of Heinz College in Washington, DC at Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College

Elena Osokina PhD

History Professor at the University of South Carolina in Irmo, SC

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[The Guardian] Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

15 days

Recommended experts:

Alex Hall PhD

Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UCLA

Peter Frumhoff PhD

Environmental Science and Public Policy Lecturer, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Ning Lin PhD

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University

J. David Neelin PhD MS

Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UCLA

Chip Konrad PhD MS

Professor of Geography at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC

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[The Guardian] Narwhals adapting to climate crisis by delaying migration, study finds

3 months

Recommended experts:

Brendan Cummings JD

Conservation Director at Center for Biological Diversity

Will Turner PhD

Senior Vice President, Natural Climate Solutions at Conservation International

Amy Atwood JD

Endangered Species Legal Director, Senior Attorney at Center for Biological Diversity

Elise Bennett JD

Staff Attorney at Center for Biological Diversity

Sophia Ressler JD

Washington Wildlife Advocate, Staff Attorney at Center for Biological Diversity

Andrea Schreier PhD MS

Adjunct Assistant Professor at UC Davis

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James Scott
Acting Director, Agrarian Studies; Professor, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Anthropology at  Yale University, Department of Political Science New Haven, CT • United States English

His research concerns political economy, comparative agrarian societies, theories of hegemony and resistance, peasant politics, revolution, Southeast Asia, theories of class relations and anarchism.

politics agrarian studies anthropology comparative agrarian societies southeast asia class relations anarchism