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[CNBC] Over half of Americans believe that both Democrats and Republicans do such a poor job that a third major party is needed

about 1 month

Recommended experts:

Baxter Oliphant PhD

Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center

Mark Lopez

Director of Race and Ethnicity Research at Pew Research Center

Jocelyn Kiley

Associate Director of Research at Pew Research Center

Courtney Kennedy PhD

Vice President of Methods and Innovation at Pew Research Center

Scott Keeter

Senior Survey Advisor at Pew Research Center

Andrew Daniller PhD

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

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[The Guardian] Tory backer says UK economy is ‘frankly doomed’ without Brexit renegotiation

about 1 month

Recommended experts:

Sofia Perez PhD MA

Associate Professor of Political Science at Boston University

Vivien Schmidt PhD MA

Professor of European Integration at Boston University

Stephen Gross PhD MA

Associate Professor of History & European Studies, NYU in New York, NY

Andrew Moravcsik PhD

International Relations Professor & Director, Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University

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[The Guardian] How Texas’s gun laws allow Mexican cartels to arm themselves to the teeth

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Beatriz Magaloni

Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford, Department of Political Science

Charis Kubrin PhD

Professor of Criminology, Law and Society at UC Irvine in Irvine, CA

DeVone Boggan

Founder and CEO at Advance Peace at Mozaic Media + Communications

Rafael Fernandez de Castro PhD

Faculty Affiliate at U.S. Immigration Policy Center, UCSD

Erroll Southers PhD

National and Homeland Security Professor & Director, Safe Communities Institute at USC Dornsife College

Todd Bensman

Senior National Security Fellow at Center for Immigration Studies

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Shardha Jogee PhD MS
Astronomy at  McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX • United States English

Dr. Jogee is a Professor specialized in how galaxies & their constituent stars, black holes & dark matter halos grow across cosmic time, using NASA's space telescopes, McDonald Ob & others.

space exploration astronomer planets astronomy galaxy galaxies solar system planetary systems dark matter black holes space nasa stars halos cosmic time telescopes night sky sun planetary science eclipse solar eclipse lunar eclipse origins of life big bang