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[VICE] ‘We Don’t Have Enough Sales’: RedFin Kills Home-Flipping Business Citing Downturn

28 days

Recommended experts:

Cindy Bennett

Associate Real Estate Broker, Maison Real Estate Boutique in Richmond, VA

Chris Watters

Chief Executive Officer at Watters International Realty, LLC at Divining Point

Peter Boockvar

Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group in Fairfield, NJ

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[NY Times] How Los Angeles Made Affordable Housing Maddeningly Unaffordable

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Carol Galante

Professor of Affordable Housing and Urban Policy at UC Berkeley

David Glick

Associate Professor of Political Science at Boston University

ReNika Moore JD

Director, Racial Justice Program at American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

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[The Guardian] ‘It’s over’: Jair Bolsonaro reportedly accepts defeat in Brazil election

about 1 month

Recommended experts:

Filipe Campante

Associate Professor of International Economics at Johns Hopkins University

Monica De Bolle PhD

Senior fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics

Rod Taylor

Global Director, Forests at World Resources Institute

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Nazan Bedirhanoglu
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Political Science at  Wellesley College Wellesley, MA • United States English

Her research interests include political economy, intellectual property, cultural expressions, foreign policy, international organizations, the Middle East, and the Kurdish question.

middle east political economy foreign policy intellectual property cultural expressions international organization kurds