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[CNBC] Biden administration to provide over $13 billion in aid to help American families lower energy bills

3 months

Recommended experts:

Linda Simpson PhD

Professor at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL

Anjali Jariwala CPA CFP

Member at National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Mark Cooper PhD

Director of Research at Consumer Federation of America

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[WAPO] Democrats fear the midterm map is slipping away

3 months

Recommended experts:

Betsy Sinclair

Professor of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis

Alan Abramowitz

Professor at Emory University

Anne Marie Cammisa PhD MPP

Professor & Director, M.A. in American Government at Georgetown University

Andra Gillespie

Associate professor of political science at Emory University

Sara Sadhwani

Assistant Professor of Politics at Pomona College

Cindy D. Kam

Director, Research on Individuals, Politics & Society Lab at Vanderbilt University

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[Reuters] Iranians keep up protests over Mahsa Amini death despite growing death toll

4 months

Recommended experts:

Nicholas Burns

Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations at Harvard Kennedy School

Catia Cecilia Confortini

Associate Professor of Peace and Justice Studies at Wellesley College

Sam Bestvater

Computational Social Scientist at Pew Research Center

Stephen David Reicher

Professor, School of Psychology and Neuroscience at University of St. Andrews in St Andrews, SCT

Mara Cecilia Ostfeld

Assistant Professor at University of Michigan

Juliet Williams

Professor | Department of Gender Studies at UCLA

Holly Dagres

Middle East Programs Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC

Summer Forester PhD MA

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Carleton College

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Alam Payind PhD MA MSc
(Ret.) Director of the Middle East Studies Center at the Ohio State University   Columbus, OH • United States English, Urdu, Arabic

Born and raised in Afghanistan, and previously held high government and academic positions in Kabul. He is an author of multiple books on the Middle East, Soviet invasion & Afghanistan then and now.

war on terror middle east international security afghanistan middle eastern politics geopolitics middle east conflict american foreign policy middle east history and politics soviet invasion of afghanistan islamic jurisprudence