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[The Guardian] The new state of healthcare in America: one for men and a worse one for women | Moira Donegan

4 months

Recommended experts:

Judith Solomon

Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC

Tuya Pal M.D.

Associate Director for Cancer Health Disparities at Vanderbuilt University, School of Medicine

Ebony Boulware MD MPH

Vice Dean for Translational Sciences at Duke University, School of Medicine

Katherine Baicker

Dean and Economic Health Researcher at University of Chicago Institute of Politics

Xochitl Castaneda

Board of Directors at California Immigrant Policy Center

Rahul Sharma MD MBA FACEP

Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Cornell University, Weill School of Medicine

Jill Horwitz JD PhD MPP

Professor in Law and Medicine at UCLA

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[CNN] CNN Polls show Democrats are ahead in races for governor in Michigan and Pennsylvania, with no clear leader in Wisconsin

3 months

Recommended experts:

Andrew Mercer

Senior Research Methodologist at Pew Research Center

Courtney Kennedy PhD

Vice President of Methods and Innovation at Pew Research Center

Hannah Hartig

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

Jocelyn Kiley

Associate Director of Research at Pew Research Center

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[Yahoo News] Student debt relief 'moving full speed ahead' despite GOP-led lawsuits, education secretary says

3 months

Recommended experts:

Anne Marie Cammisa PhD MPP

Professor & Director, M.A. in American Government at Georgetown University

Mark Kantrowitz

Author, 'Filing the FAFSA' among other books on education and student financial aid policy in Chicago, IL

Saul Jimenez-Sandoval

President at California State University, Fresno

Deondra Rose PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Duke University

Dean Lacy

Director, Program in Politics and Law at Dartmouth College

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Stephen Gross PhD MA
Associate Professor of History & European Studies, NYU   New York, NY • United States English

Former economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Focused on Modern Germany; European Unification; Economic History & Political Economy; International Relations; Energy Policy; World War I & II.

international relations
energy policy
economic history
european union
world war two
german politics
germany politics
european unification
world war i
german economics