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[Insider] An ex-TikTok moderator, who was paid $10 a day and had to scroll through child abuse and gun violence, was required to keep her webcam on all night, report says

3 months

Recommended experts:

Dr. Tracy A Pearson JD

Legal Analyst, Accountability/Investigations Consultant, and Television Host in Los Angeles, CA

Jean Cirillo

Psychologist/Attorney in New York, NY

Daniel Costa

Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research at Economic Policy Institute

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[NY Times] Biden Proposal Could Lead to Employee Status for Gig Workers

4 months

Recommended experts:

Marc Dixon PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College

Maria Flynn

President & CEO at Jobs for the Future (JFF)

Tara Sinclair PhD MA

Professor of Economics & International Affairs, George Washington University in Washington, DC

Aaron Smith

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at National Cannabis Industry Association

David Autor PhD

Director of the Labor Studies Program, Research Associate at National Bureau of Economic Research

Peter Swenson PhD

Professor of Political Science and Professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University, Department of Political Science

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[AP] Studies find automatic braking can cut crashes over 40%

3 months

Recommended experts:

Vahid Behzadan PhD

Professor of Data Science, Computer Engineering & Computer Science at University of New Haven

Jake Nelson MPH MPP

Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy & Research at AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

William Horrey PhD

Traffic Research Group Leader at AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Karlyn Stanley JD

Senior Policy Analyst at RAND Corporation

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Sinan Kayhan Aral
Professor of Management, IT, Marketing and Data Science at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, MA • United States English

He's on the board of the Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation & has worked closely with Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Yahoo, AirBnB, Jet.com, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, SAP.

emerging technology
social media
artificial intelligence
big data
machine learning
cyber security
emerging technologies
future technology
web and social media
wireless networks
social networks
cyber attack
cyber data
social commerce
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