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[AP] Smashing success: NASA asteroid strike results in big nudge

4 months

Recommended experts:

Shardha Jogee PhD MS

Astronomy at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

Mary Kay Hemenway PhD MA

Astronomer, Research Associate at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

John Holdren PhD

Member of the Board at Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Jim Bell PhD MS

Professor, Arizona State University, School of Earth and Space Exploration in Phoenix, AZ

Fritz Benedict PhD MS

Astronomer at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

Anita Cochran PhD MA

Astronomer at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

John Kormendy PhD

Astronomer at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

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[CBS] Thousands rally for abortion rights in D.C., nationwide

4 months

Recommended experts:

Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha Phd MPH

Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University, School of Medicine

Jeffrey Lax PhD

Professor of Political Science, Department Deputy Chair at Columbia University

Fatima Goss Graves

President and CEO at National Women's Law Center

Darrell Miller

Melvin G. Shimm Professor of Law at Duke University

Juliet Williams

Professor | Department of Gender Studies at UCLA

Michele L. Swers PhD

Professor of American Government at Georgetown University

Ann C. Lin

Associate Professor of Public Policy at University of Michigan

Michael Kang PhD JD

Professor of Law at Northwestern University

Wendy Kuohung MD

Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology at Boston University, School of Medicine

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[The Guardian] The new state of healthcare in America: one for men and a worse one for women | Moira Donegan

4 months

Recommended experts:

Ebony Boulware MD MPH

Vice Dean for Translational Sciences at Duke University, School of Medicine

Tuya Pal M.D.

Associate Director for Cancer Health Disparities at Vanderbuilt University, School of Medicine

Jill Horwitz JD PhD MPP

Professor in Law and Medicine at UCLA

Katherine Baicker

Dean and Economic Health Researcher at University of Chicago Institute of Politics

Xochitl Castaneda

Board of Directors at California Immigrant Policy Center

Rahul Sharma MD MBA FACEP

Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Cornell University, Weill School of Medicine

Judith Solomon

Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC

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Stephen Mayo PhD
Professor of Biology and Chemistry at  Caltech, Division of Biology and Biomedical Engineering Pasadena, CA • United States English

Mayo studies structural biology. His lab works on antibodies against Covid & Influenza, other research includes Nicotine, Methane, Mars Microbiome & Spaceflight. He is on Merck's Board of Directors.

biology space exploration coronavirus covid covid-19 rna dna proteins enzymes chemistry microbiology space health astronauts human spaceflight influenza flu sars-cov-2 mars space space travel nicotine smoking methane