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[Reuters] Putin says world faces most dangerous decade since World War Two

3 months

Recommended experts:

John Chambers II PhD MA

Professor Emeritus of American History at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ

Nathaniel Reynolds MA

Nonresident scholar in the Russia and Eurasia Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Glenn LaFantasie

Professor of History at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY

Deborah Cohen PhD

Professor of History at Northwestern University

Elena Osokina PhD

History Professor at the University of South Carolina in Irmo, SC

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[Insider] Mark Zuckerberg should dial down the metaverse crap and make Facebook 'Facebook' again

3 months

Recommended experts:

Alan Smithson

in Toronto, ON

Kris Ruby

CEO of Ruby Media Group | Social Media Expert in New York, NY

Lee Rainie

Director of Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research Center

Emily Vogels PhD

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

Sam Bestvater

Computational Social Scientist at Pew Research Center

V.S. Subrahmanian PhD MS MSc

Distinguished Professor in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society at Dartmouth College

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[WAPO] Big rock slams into Mars, gouges crater, reveals subsurface features

3 months

Recommended experts:

Mary Kay Hemenway PhD MA

Astronomer, Research Associate at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

Shardha Jogee PhD MS

Astronomy at McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin

John Holdren PhD

Member of the Board at Harvard Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Jim Bell PhD MS

Professor, Arizona State University, School of Earth and Space Exploration in Phoenix, AZ

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Frank Worrell PhD MA
President-Elect at  American Psychological Association Berkeley, CA • United States English

Director of the School Psychology program at the University of California, Berkeley. He studies at-risk youth, cultural identities, academic development, gifted programs & teacher effectiveness.

education education access teachers minority students at-risk youth cultural identities academic development teacher effectiveness student achievement student outcomes gifted programs