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[NY Times] ‘The Cash Monster Was Insatiable’: How Insurers Exploited Medicare for Billions

4 months

Recommended experts:

Jesse Baumgartner

Research Associate, Health Care Coverage and Access & Tracking Health System Performance at The Commonwealth Fund

Mark Peterson

Professor of public policy and political science at UCLA

Jill Horwitz JD PhD MPP

Professor in Law and Medicine at UCLA

Judith Solomon

Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC

Gerald Kominski PhD

Professor of Health Policy and Management at UCLA

Melinda St. Louis MPP

Director - Medicare for All Campaign at Public Citizen

Frederick Lynch PhD

Associate Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna College

Katherine Baicker

Dean and Economic Health Researcher at University of Chicago Institute of Politics

Kenneth Thorpe Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy & Management at Emory University, School of Medicine

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[ABC] Oil giants rake in steep profits amid high energy prices

3 months

Recommended experts:

David Sacco

Professor, Department of Finance at University of New Haven

Ryan Patel

Senior Fellow, Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University at Claremont McKenna College

Andrew Inkpen

Professor at Thunderbird School of Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management

Yemisi Bolumole PhD MA MSc

Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN

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[NBC] Gov. Ron DeSantis cruises to re-election, solidifying GOP hold on Florida politics

3 months

Recommended experts:

LaFleur Stephens-Dougan

Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton University

Efren Perez

Professor | Department of Political Science at UCLA

Sara Sadhwani

Assistant Professor of Politics at Pomona College

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Yongjie Yang PhD
Associate Professor of Neuroscience at  Tufts University, School of Medicine Boston, MA • United States English

My lab focuses on understanding broad neuron to glia, especially astroglia & how the dysregulation contributes to neurological diseases & neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

neurodegenerative diseases brain health neuroscience neurons alzheimer’s disease alzheimer’s sclerosis neurological diseases amyotrophic lateral sclerosis brain science brain cells