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Warnock gains early voting edge as both candidates barnstorm Georgia in final day before Senate runoff

2 months

Recommended experts:

Calvin Dark

Principal & Co-founder of RC Communications in Washington, DC

Andra Gillespie

Associate professor of political science at Emory University

Steffen Schmidt PhD

Professor of Political Science, Iowa State University in Ames, IA

Alan Abramowitz

Professor at Emory University

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[WAPO] The U.S. is the world’s largest oil producer. You’ll still pay more for gas.

4 months

Recommended experts:

Lisa Viscidi

Director, Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program , Inter-American Dialogue at Inter-American Dialogue

Ravi Dhar PhD

Professor of Management and Marketing at Yale University in New Haven, CT

Nicole Ghio

Senior Fossil Fuels Program Manager at Friends of the Earth

Adriana Lobo

CEO, WRI México at World Resources Institute

Steve Clemmer

Director of Energy Research & Analysis at Union of Concerned Scientists

Jennifer Layke

Global Director, Energy at World Resources Institute

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[BBC] Pakistan mosque blast: Police targeted in attack that kills 47

8 days

Recommended experts:

Richard Boucher

Visiting Scholar in International and Public Affairs at Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Barnett Rubin PhD MA

Senior Fellow at Center for International Cooperation at NYU in New York, NY

Toby Dalton

Co-director and a senior fellow of the Nuclear Policy Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Col. David Smith Ret.

Distinguished Fellow with the South Asia Program at Stimson Center

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Ariel Fiszbein
Director, Education Program , Inter-American Dialogue at  Inter-American Dialogue Washington, DC • United States English, Spanish

Ariel Fiszbein is the director of the Education Program. He has over 20 years of experience working on education and other social policy issues in Latin America and globally.

latin america
social equity latin america
education policy
early childhood development
technology & education
social policy
english language learning