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[Insider] An art expert has been fired after he valued a Chinese vase at $1,950 that sold at auction for nearly $8 million

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Kathy Dickson

Vice-President (Term Expires 2021) at The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

Timothy Darvill

Professor Of Archaeology at Bournemouth University, UK in Poole, ENG

Richard Wang PhD

Associate Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL

Isabelle Duvernois

Conservator at Metropolitan Museum of Art

Don Wyatt PhD MA

Professor of History at Middlebury College

Terry Kleeman PhD

Professor of Religious Studies at University of Colorado, Boulder in Boulder, CO

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[VICE] Police Are Using DNA to Generate 3D Images of Suspects They've Never Seen

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Jim Osborne PhD

Professor of Applied Life Sciences, Director of the Center for Biomarker Research, Curator of the Science Heritage Center at Keck Graduate Institute

Eric Piza PhD

Associate Professor at Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice in New York, NY

Charis Kubrin PhD

Professor of Criminology, Law and Society at UC Irvine in Irvine, CA

Richard Rosenfeld PhD

Criminologist & Professor at University of Missouri—St. Louis in St Louis, MO

Richard Gross M.D. Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine and Developmental Biology, Professor of Chemistry at Washington University of St. Louis, School of Medicine

Ronald Tyler JD

Professor of Law at Stanford Law School in Stanford, CA

Paul Modrich

Professor of Biochemistry at Duke University, School of Medicine

Stephen Mayo PhD

Professor of Biology and Chemistry at Caltech, Division of Biology and Biomedical Engineering

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[CNN] Israeli President says he is 'extremely pleased' with Kanye West fallout after antisemitic remarks

about 1 month

Recommended experts:

Becka A. Alper

Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center

Gelya Frank

Department of Anthropology at USC Dornsife College

Dan Lainer-Vos

Early Career Chair of Jewish Studies and Assistant Professor of Sociology at USC Dornsife College

Jonathan Zatlin PhD

Associate Professor of History, College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University

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Josh Ault
Assistant Professor at  Thunderbird School of Global Management 85308 • United States English

Joshua Ault is an expert in international strategy, international entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and emerging and developing countries.

international trade entrepreneurship management business entrepreneurship and technology transfer international development leadership