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[Reuters] EU regulator recommends adding heavy periods to side effects of mRNA COVID shots

3 months

Recommended experts:

Elva Diaz PhD

Professor at UC Davis, School of Medicine

Antonio Giraldez PhD

Chair of the Genetics Department at Yale University School of Medicine

Evan Eichler PhD

Professor of Genome Sciences, University of Washington in Seattle, WA

Shira Doron MD MS

Infectious Disease Physician; Hospital Epidemiologist and Antimicrobial Steward at Tufts Medical Center

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[CNBC] The UK recession will be almost as deep as that of Russia, economists predict

27 days

Recommended experts:

Adam Posen PhD

President at Peterson Institute for International Economics

Eswar Prasad PhD

Economist & Senior Professor of Trade Policy at Cornell University at Cornell University

Peter Conti-Brown PhD JD

Associate Professor of Financial Regulation at University of Pennsylvania

Peter Henry

Vice-Chair, Member of NBER Board of Directors at National Bureau of Economic Research

Marc Flandreau PhD

Professor of Economic History at University of Pennsylvania

Peter Boockvar

Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group in Fairfield, NJ

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[Fox] Pennsylvania teenager charged with homicide after Instagram video confession

2 months

Recommended experts:

Christopher Bail PhD

Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Sinan Kayhan Aral

Professor of Management, IT, Marketing and Data Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Arthur Evans

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President at American Psychological Association

Gabriel Rossman PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology at UCLA

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Upinder Singh MD
Professor, Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine at  Stanford University, School of Medicine Stanford, CA • United States English

Infectious disease doctor, studying the parasite Entamoeba histolytica which causes invasive colonic and hepatic disease. Additionally, we study the epidemiological trends of amebic infection.

immunology infectious diseases epidemiology public health hepatitis parasite parasites colon colon disease hepatic disease ameba diseases