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[Reuters] Both Russia and Ukraine tortured prisoners of war, UN says

3 months

Recommended experts:

Rajan Menon PhD

Chair in Political Science at the City College of New York in New York, NY

David Brandenberger PhD

Professor of History and Global Studies at the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA

Matthew Schmidt PhD

Associate Professor, National Security Department at University of New Haven

Ernesto Verdeja

Associate Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies at University of Notre Dame

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[AP] Emhoff: 'Epidemic of hate' exists in US, mustn't become norm

about 2 months

Recommended experts:

Christopher Bail PhD

Professor of Sociology at Duke University

Andrew Hall PhD

Professor of Political Science & Political Economy. at Stanford, Department of Political Science

Linda Burton PhD

Dean of Berkeley Social Welfare at UC Berkeley

Kiana Cox PhD

Research Associate at Pew Research Center

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[Science X] An artificial polariton neuron as a step towards a photonic system that mimics the operation of the human brain

3 months

Recommended experts:

Kallol Gupta PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at Yale University School of Medicine

Elva Diaz PhD

Professor at UC Davis, School of Medicine

Yongjie Yang PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Tufts University, School of Medicine

Mark Esposito

Clinical Professor of Global Shifts and the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Thunderbird School of Global Management

Thomas Sudhof MD

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford University, School of Medicine

V.S. Subrahmanian PhD MS MSc

Distinguished Professor in Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society at Dartmouth College

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Shawn Carter
Professor at Fashion Institute of Technology   New York, NY • United States English

Professor Shawn Grain Carter studies the continuing disruption in the fashion retail industry. She is a fashion media influencer & luxury brand, retail and e-commerce consultant.

sustainable fashion
fashion industry
fast fashion
fashion designer
fashion trends
thrift stores
online shopping
clothing industry
retail industry
luxury goods
shopping malls
shopping centers
department stores