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[Reuters] Crypto needs oversight to avoid harming Americans, White House says

3 months

Recommended experts:

Peter Conti-Brown PhD JD

Associate Professor of Financial Regulation at University of Pennsylvania

Eswar Prasad PhD

Economist & Senior Professor of Trade Policy at Cornell University at Cornell University

Monica De Bolle PhD

Senior fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics

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[CBS] Florida county sees spike in deadly infections caused by "flesh-eating" bacteria after Hurricane Ian

4 months

Recommended experts:

Samantha Montano PhD MS

Assistant Professor of Emergency Management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Boston, MA

Jennifer Philips MD PhD

Co-Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology at Washington University of St. Louis, School of Medicine

Anthony Ouellette PhD

Professor of Biology and Chemistry at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, FL

Stephen Mayo PhD

Professor of Biology and Chemistry at Caltech, Division of Biology and Biomedical Engineering

Helen Boucher MD FACP FIDSA

Interim Dean, Tufts University School of Medicine; Chief Academic Officer, Tufts Medicine; Infectious Disease Physician, Tufts Medical Center at Tufts Medical Center

Aaron Milstone MD

Associate Hospital Epidemiologist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Professor of Pediatrics at John Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Lee Wetzler MD

Professor or Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Boston University, School of Medicine

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[CBS] Beer lovers return to Great American Beer Fest for first time after pandemic hiatus

4 months

Recommended experts:

Daniel Richard Kaul MD

Professor of Infectious Diseases at University of Michigan, School of Medicine

Matthew Kavanagh

Director, Global Health Policy & Politics Initiative, Professor of Law & Assistant Professor of Global Health at Georgetown University, School of Medicine

Marta Gaglia PhD

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology at Tufts University, School of Medicine

Jean Paul Gonzalez

Adjunct Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology at Georgetown University, School of Medicine

Suzanne Clark

President and CEO at U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC

Craig Spencer MD MPH

Board Member at Doctors Without Borders

Jonathan Golob MD PhD

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases at University of Michigan, School of Medicine

Jesse Goodman MD MPH

Director - Georgetown COMPASS, Tenure Line - Professor (Infectious Diseases) at Georgetown University, School of Medicine

George Thompson MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at UC Davis, School of Medicine

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James Slevin
Firefighter, NY City Fire Department   New York, NY • United States English

1st District (New York and New Jersey) Vice President for the International Association of Fire Fighters. He has worked on behalf of 9/11 responders that have gotten sick from their heroic efforts.

september 11th 2001
firefighter health
september 11 attack
fire safety
firefighter cancer
fallen firefighters
fire service
urban firefighting
firefighter union