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[Reuters] Goldman Sachs readies biggest layoffs since the financial crisis

25 days

Recommended experts:

Arturo Porzecanski

Research Fellow at American University in New York City /NY

Diana Farrell MBA

Trustee at National Bureau of Economic Research

Kim Parker

Director of Social Trends Research at Pew Research Center

Chad Bown PhD

Senior Fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics

Aswath Damodaran PhD MS MBA

Chair in Finance Education at NYU in New York, NY

Marc Flandreau PhD

Professor of Economic History at University of Pennsylvania

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[Huffington Post] Film Star Anna May Wong Will Be First Asian American To Appear On U.S. Currency

4 months

Recommended experts:

Stanley Rosen

Professor of Political Science at USC Dornsife College

Don Wyatt PhD MA

Professor of History at Middlebury College

Adrian De Leon

Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at USC Dornsife College

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[Reuters] Israel offers help with air-attack alerts, but Ukraine wants interceptors

4 months

Recommended experts:

James Acton PhD

Co-Director Nuclear Policy Program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Rachel Rizzo MA

Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council’s Europe Center in Washington, DC

Col. David Smith Ret.

Distinguished Fellow with the South Asia Program at Stimson Center

James Giles

Nonresident Fellow with the 38 North program at Stimson Center

Ilan Goldenberg

Senior Fellow and Director, Middle East Security Program at Center for a New American Security

Sarah Kreps PhD MSc

Nonresident Senior Fellow (Technology and International Relations) at Brookings Institution

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Lisa Archer
Food and Agriculture Program Director at  Friends of the Earth Berkeley, CA • United States English

I try to rapidly transition the food system to one that is regenerative, resilient, & equitable via market & policy campaigns aimed at protecting biodiversity, reforming animal/industrial agriculture.

impact of animal farming
sustainable farming
food chain
food access
food production
food shortage
food supply
industrial agriculture
animal agriculture
farm to table
farmers' markets
food labling
genetically modified foods